Philanthropy Focused

Larry donates to many nonprofit organizations, but one that consistently stands out in his portfolio is the Bauchmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation. Since 1995, the BSDPF has primarily focused its efforts on finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease, raising over $35 million in the process to fund 235 research grants relating to genetics, drug discovery, and overlap between dystonia and Parkinson. In 2015, BSDPF will channel its focus away from its regular grant making program and instead toward its collaborative research alliance with The Michael J. Fox Foundation to strengthen public awareness and recognize important discoveries.

Larry has played a critical role on the board of the Forman School, a premier preparatory boarding and day school for students with learning differences. Forman takes a holistic approach to ensure that every student develops a quality education and the self-confidence necessary to tackle life’s toughest challenges. Forman takes advantage of innovative learning strategies and uses a research-driven approach to better students’ lives both in and outside the classroom.

Larry sits on the Board of Directors for the Starlight Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses a family-centered approach to improve the lives of children and families all around the world. Their programs span a whole range of services from health improvements and pediatric care to entertainment units and technological donations. Their goal is to comprehensively better the lives of terminally ill or seriously ill children patients. After 30 years, Starlight has become one of the world’s leading charities for millions of children every single year.